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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  August 8, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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>> and international health emergency. that is what the world health organization as declaring. ebola outbreak is considered to be the biggest and most complex in history. >> 1800 uninfected. more than 900 have died from a recent outbreak. the worst
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in the 40 year history of tracking has is his. the fear that ebola is only a plane ride away from the united states. we have that right here in united states. >> travelers are taking in the nose and taken some precautions. the statement does not recommend a ban on international travelers. i believe there is reason for concern. trying to educate themselves trying to make sure that factor and relevant information. the largest to the possibility that if your geographically coming from a place that is a risky area that you are a prudent and stellar to the possibility that he might have somebody on the plane. >> is a result of a two day meeting about the ebola crisis. the director of the cdc says it is the first time they've had multiple countries involved. even nations not
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directly affected assuring some travel recommendation. travelers tustin never thought about changing the plan appeared with a stan top of any developments. >> i do not want to be alarmed. amex will little nervous. it makes me a little nervous. >> hopefully it gets resolved soon. i cannot live in fear. i choose not to live in fear. i'm going to mia >> it is and fractious. if i worry that my son is going to worry. it is a vicious cycle. not recommending a travel ban. the cdc earlier this week urged americans to avoid non-essential travel to west africa. >> rear learning more but a special plan a return to the
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american people patients to the united states. phoenix officials talk about how the captain has broken up to detain the disease. >> it is designed for one patient. it was not designed for people. transported from siberia to the atlanta. >> the treatment is now taking place. the u.s. military terrorism out airstrikes on isis militants. 218 fighter jets dropped laser-guided bombs on ice as artillery and air at a kurdish city. american diplomats are actually stationed in that city. three air force cargo planes
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also dropped more than 5,000 gal. of water. >> isis militants are surrounding the mata and sang those stranded have to convert to is mom or dad. as iraqi air strikes killed 45 fighters and injured 60 others. planning a humanitarian corridor to allow the victim to flee the areas under threat. >> attacked. live in the southwest suburb with details on a search for the suspect there. >> police have stepped up patrols and reviewing surveillance videos from in and around this station. because of those recent attacks. a lot of women on heightened alert
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today. >> from maine jones is not taking her chances despite the increased police patrol. word of three attacks near the metro station has traveled fast so women are on the lookout. it has not really change my routine. when i'm walking i'm looking behind me a lot more. >> the police chief confirmed there have been three incidents in recent weeks and they are likely linked. each victim described a caucasian man and a black mask. >> a masked gunmen approached her car as she drove into
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the driveway of her home. alerted by the commotion her father to system analyst. >> the woman suffered a broken nose and was robbed of some cash. many are surprised by such violence in the south suburb sums a late night outings alone are never a good idea. >> it scares me a little. i'm not going to walk around and you're at 1230 at night. it is scary but it is what it is. there are loony bins everywhere. >> people are urged to report all suspicious people or activity. police investigating would support. we're live >> the brother and sister in their 50s or killed by a metro
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train while looking for scrap metal along the tracks. relatives gathered at the scene soon after the accident. tapas to sibling's pushed the car along the tracks. the brother was partially blind. system and have actually been trying to run it in the path of the train to save him. passengers are visibly shaken. >> i felt like throwing up after i heard it. >> that spot is also a well-known short cut to the tracks for that area. in northern santa fe line was back on schedule this morning. dies in a base jumping accident and snake river canyon. >> the parachute to the fully open sending him crashing down. the 23 year-
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old was passionate about jumping. posted pictures of his adventures. authorities described 55 rule. mr. his arrest for a matter of getting the right criminals up the right time. >> yesterday and is operational today and is gone. our plan is to hold on to that territory break the cycle of demand organize the community and clean it up. slowly but surely back up.
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stephen and employees facing criminal charges. there were caught dealing heroin. a student and an employee appeared in court this week. drug enforcement agents bought heroin from homes four times during this thing. agents said he delivered heroin on one of those sales. the mother of a southern illinois a university student was found dead has filed a lawsuit pitches as our son was beaten to death. the coroner's office said the 19 year- old died of hypothermia after the autopsy paid for by the family found evidence of four blows to the face and head. lawsuit charges and an illinois state trooper stopped to talk to the driver. city is giving a right to some wandered off into the woods. the student was found dead in the 16 weeks later. >> start collecting
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signatures to get on the ballot sometime later this month. will not file any paperwork with the election board until sometime after that. still needs a campaign staff and to decide if she can raise enough money to go against the they armeremayor. >> the governor wants ideas on how to open a third airport. once developers and air carriers to meet next month at a former state transportation officials also for the state has spent $76 million for more than half of the land needed. a
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special thanks to everybody who took part in this great event. it took a lot of volunteers. 1 >> coming up for all returns to soldier field tonight. we're previewing a barris preseason game against the eagles. >> the hurricane downgraded to a practicatropical storm. >> the stowaway is arrested a second >> the stowaway is arrested a second time
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cleo pretty close behind. the moss and israeli forces are fighting once again after a short ceasefire comes to an end. officials report more than 30 rockets were fired for cause after the 72 hour truce ended. pierre force responded with air strikes against terrorist targets. palestinian leaders claim a 10 year-old boy was killed in gaza city. the mother is charged with murdering her son decades after he disappeared. was reported missing from a carnival back in 1991. the cold case review led to charges against the mother. she now lives in florida. the mother had been considered a suspect before. >> not clear what evidence convinced the jury to charge her at this point. you'll find out if he is guilty of premeditated murder.
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will find and september. that is on the judge said she would give her verdict. >> are accused of shooting to death his girlfriend on valentine's day of 2013. >> is guilty is facing a tentative five years and up to life in prison. >> the serial stowaway was banned from international airport was arrested again. arrested after showing up lax. >> sentenced to two years' probation and told not to return to lax and she had a ticket. she appeared to be scouting terminals. >> prince william is taking in a job using the skills he learned. begins training next month to be an air
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ambulance pilot. if food shoppers for the royal air force. making him a first director to the throne to become a taxpaying citizen. his take-home pay will be donated to charity. >> announces in the recall and and tell some of mr. park we're in the kitchen from the folks from wicker kitchen from the folks from wicker
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despite political turmoil and overseas crises the u.s. dr. clinging to small gains. the dow up 116 points. shares of malaysia airlines or suspended.
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airlines having problems. >> 537 people died. general motors is in the middle of another recall. this one involves some power window switches that can catch fire. >> banker the chevy trailblazer. general motors is telling customers park your vehicle outside until you get it repaired. >> might not affect the credit score as it has in the past. the nation's top credit score provider is updating the scoring model this fall. the change will mean people will only have unpaid medical that will jump by about 25 points.
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experts say the movie knowledge is that medical observations are different because consumers do not choose to incur a hospital that. towners the 50th anniversary of the original kennedy half dollar. it follows strong demand and long lines of people trying to buy the new half dollar. at this week's world sphere of money in rosemont they were limited to selling only 500: today. officials say the decision to halt retail sales was made to insure the safety of consumers. the queen is still available. a man in california was relieved when the insurance company decided to settle. >> man says he felt
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the suspected. the company apparently did not care. the clans are now being counted. >>, trump wants his name taken off to atlantic city casinos that he founded. he is suing to take his name off of the trump taj mahal and trump plaza. >> tarnishing his name. last month the plaza hotel announced it would close on september lane off 1100 workers. city was not given a heads up about the layoff. surprising findings. a major safety hazard. >> diabetes drug that some researchers say could help us with a researchers say could help us with a little bit longer.
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ears defense gave up 54 points. will likely play the first serious.
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>> the preseason is a season amongst its own entity. we're looking for a free player to see how they can play under the lights in a different environment against another team. it goes into the equation when we decide who is going to make this team. near excited to play against another opponent. we will see what happens. pitched eight solid innings on colorado. a full count on how the air. he had a solo home run to left. use 3-4 with four rbis. capt. all off with his second home run of the game. the first cubs rookie with three home runs in his first three games. >> starting a four
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game set in seattle. struggled on the mound. he gives up a solo home run to dustin hackly. only last five innings and gives up to more home runs including seven runs on seven hits. allowed 15 home runs in the last five games. managed only five hits and get blown ishrf
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certainly no complaints about the weather. a beautiful day for the kids.
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>> a chance of a thunderstorm sunday afternoon we'll get into that moment. rainbows are always spectacular. never more so when they occur over a music festival. >> identified as the sun here as a big orange ball. no wonder. with that. that is a sunset shot over state and superior. 7 million a. have burned this summer i. a record. for loper wednesday in from canada. look at the willis' tower. >> if so against the setting sun.
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>> he tells a spot where it's up 3 ft.. western midwest and plains states. there has been damage from that. shows us a couple of shots from the beach in mali quiet. >> you could see how conditions deteriorated. some of the valleys have 50-60 mi. per hour winds circulating through the mud
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hens. beautiful valleys >> gorgeous day here in chicago. this'll be paid #nine above 80 degrees. a level we have been at the last three days. a good weekend for swimming. the heaviest winter brings the warm surface water and. it blows the warm water away. that is on the water gets cold. keep those east winds going and there will be doing it all weekend. big storms in the southern midwest. they're running around the periphery of this hot air dome
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that has 93 going at this hour. a pattern we so often see has been driving this grand that total, 6 in. and belleville illinois. see the area downstate. all northeast wind held all of the terrain that day as we expected and will continue to do that until mixture comes into the atmosphere. maypop a thunderstorm in a spot or two. 74 of the lakefront. here is high pressure. when those counterclockwise around high pressure. and you look at the pressure change the get a little the in turn affect. >> you'll see the green precipitation area stang away from us until this little disturbance comes in on sunday. that is one thunderstorms may proliferate a
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little bit in the afternoon. current thinking on rainfall shows a couple of areas could get half an inch of rain. there will be widely scattered. big grain today. short-term will be done here by the ohio river in kentucky that is a 306 down at louisville ky. forecast by our henhouse model. >> is already 80 at midway. 81 at bartlett. we have eighties over and michigan. >> double digits east wind blowing at the moment. 40 percent relative humidity. there is the water temperature at 74. that is exactly where it was one year ago. the mold, is high. look at the wind gusts coming in from the east. >> these are not gales but they are a little stronger.
12:35 pm
eighties and and and '70s that the like today. the same thing will happen on sunday as well. >> first tropical storm to make landfall in the hawaiian islands. so at 231 time this morning. it's it's about 55 mi. southwest of hilo. it is just off the shore line and moving away. the other islands are being impacted. what happens is the east wind with all of that moisture runs up against the mountains. that is a wall of granite that the wind is blowing up against. you can see how the eastern shore line is favored with the big brains.rains.
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>> the storm will continue east and northeast. the first of two expected to come through. this one will track to the north of the island's right over there over the weekend. which will be impacting the islands. here is a rain forecast. there is the island of honolulu on that. all of them will see range up against a monster. maybe a foot of them. no weather system on a plan that produces ryan as prolifically as a tropical storm or hurricane. >> high-temperature 81. beautiful day wind at 10-22 mi. per hour. comfortable temperatures and humidity is. exxon
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and filteredfiltered sun. high 80 but seven days lakeshore. a great day for the parade tomorrow. not even terribly hot or anything. that is always fun. content filters son. >> see everybody tomorrow on the south side. have a great weekend. we will be back with the seven day later on. >> in which you did the chicago bears franchise win their first nfl franchise win their first nfl championship?
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can protect their hearts with a handful of nuts. in the study suggests eating pistachios twist of their protect the heart and arteries from the damage caused by stress. relaxed blood vessels lower blood pressure and left strain on the heart. that is good news. researchers warn that they're not a cure for distress. a glass of wine that they could make your smile go away. dentists are advising patients of the dangers. august 1st class of wine and i could have an effect upon teas and comes. and, pat breaths and an increased risk of mouth cancer. always consume lots of water in between drinks and regularly rents your mouth with water or mouthwash. >> and all know this by now. what about commanding a space shuttle?
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cold pizza. we until you see this. a baking ingredients. >> the executive chef and owner and liqueur park. he is serving this dish next week at the share our strength taste of the nation chicago event. >> all kinds of shops coming together once again to help out. >> having a really good time for a great organization. >> this is our roof
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on " pizza. a really quick. this is one we would do with the restaurant. texas got to start next week. we're going to presented toda it as a bruschetta. we take a brett starter which has flour and it. it is a little bit tinny and sour. we fry it like a funnel cake. and just a little bit. >> some heirloom tomatoes and some herbs. >> crispy pepperoni. we just take them.
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>> set a lot easier for people versus trying to get a brett starter going and using your frier and all that stuff will be on that site as well. we gave both options. it is ok. >> both are delicious. it is about highlighting delicious tomatoes. you want to throw some of those fresh herbs and there. a little bit of a record out. three types of basil.
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>> wonderful. this dish next week. warm and happy to take care omore than happy to take care of you. >> he mentioned all the people that are going to this event. how they're still tickets availablare there more tickets available? >> pair like an addictive stacsnack. >> we would love to see you there. it is a great event. don't just visit new york.
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reenters 1921.
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>> there is another one that they're watching. the move south of the islands and keeps the squall's coming into that area. there is another one pier this one will try to the north. that is a spaghetti pot of the predicted path.
12:58 pm
>> what does is to generate wade still go to the hawaiian islands. >> to a stream comes in from canada early next week. starts taking on a warm orientation. >> the darker oranges are rare and is warmest. that is out west. warming temperatures modestly to the '70s. early part of next week. and what could be an interesting development for warm weather enthusiasts. the big dorm of her develops in here.
12:59 pm
the wind turn it off of the late wednesday and tuesday. a little more strength early next trick. beyond the forecast we can get even warmer the map.than that. a good weekend by and large. we will see everybody at the large. we will see everybody at the parade tomorrow.
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